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June 21 – 27, 2021

JAUNTS  No jaunts this week due to GRIP (see below) VOLUNTEER WORK AND MEETINGS GRIP (Genealogical Institute of Pittsburg) – I was in GRIP all week. This year it was virtual again. It's normally held at La Roach College in Pittsburgh. I like the convenience of virtual but miss the camaraderie of attending in person, hopefully next year. This year's class I attended was, "Answering the Call of Uncle Sam: Research in Military Records" taught by Sandra Rumble and Jonathan Deiss who are excellent instructors. This covered wars in the 19th century meaning any war prior to WWI. We had lots of hands on exercises and documents to review. I have to say this was the best institute session I have attended. I hope I can put what I learned to practice. I have a few ancestors that I need to send for their CSMR (Compiled Service Military Record). I need to get on the ball! GRIP also offered free evening presentations. I attended three of the four: What’s New at the Family History Li

Week of June 14 – 20 2021

FAMILY Our great niece Addison's 11th birthday was this week. We face timed with her and the rest of the family. I can't believe she is 11. Where did that little girl go? VOLUNTEER WORK AND MEETINGS Met with Adelle & Linda about RemCom. Linda is stepping back from committee but this was planned all a long. I will miss her input but can always contact her with questions.  Attended CGS webinar "Using the National Archives Website." Great handout with lots of links.  GRIP Welcome call was Sunday and I was able to attend even thought it was Father's Day. The call was only 30 minutes.  LISA  CALL Met with Lisa but for the life of me I can't remember what we talked about.  AMIGOS CALL (LISA, LINDA, STEWART) Same here. Can't remember what we talked about and that is really sad.  JAUNTS Spent Saturday afternoon with our neighbors Barbara and Noel. Barbara taught us how to make her incredible caesar salad dressing.  Adam took us to Page Mill Winery for Father&#

June 7, 2021 – June 13, 2021

FAMILY Elton came over for BBQ on Sunday. He helped his Uncle BBQ and says he learned a lot. We love having him over and the three of us can talk for hours. We are so proud of him. VOLUNTEER WORK AND MEETINGS Hosted zoom class for CGS "Getting the Most Out of Fold3" with Anne Gillespie Mitchell.  LISA  CALL Lisa explained to me how to approve blog posts and how to answer in return. Discussed chapters 4-6 of Zotero for Genealogy. AMIGOS CALL (LISA, LINDA, STEWART) Meet with the Amigos even though we were staying at Jessie's Grove winery.  JAUNTS June 9 – 11 we took our first RV trip to Lodi. We stayed at a Harvest Host Winery, Jessie's Grove. We had a great time. It was windy but we didn't let that stop us. They have the original land grant framed on the wall of the tasting room which I thought was very cool. The winery cat, Ditto, adopted us and even came into the RV and made herself at home. She took numerous naps on one of the chairs. We tasted at 2 other winer

May 31 – June 6, 2021

Family Tuesday June 1st was my step-son Adam's 39th birthday. He had a get together at Nido's in Oakland. There were about 10-12 of us. We enjoyed Mexican food and margaritas. It was fun meeting his girlfriend for the first time.  Garden The wildflower seeds I planted are starting to bloom. They are so pretty. The 3 flower photos below are from the wildflower seeds.  The green bean seeds I planted last week are starting to come up. I might try to can some this year.  Volunteer Work & Meeting Spent about 3 hours this weekend scheduling surveys for CGS upcoming classes. I still have 4 more for July to schedule.  I  hosted a CGS webinar Tuesday and met with a presenter for a future date I'm hosting this month.  Lisa Call Lisa spent the weekend pulling land records for one of her Lancaster ancestors. She shared the spreadsheet she put together.  Discussed ordering docs from NARA when they open again.  Talked about doing a round table for CGS.  Amigos Call   (Lisa, Linda, St