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Grandma's Embroidered Kitchen Towels

  I attended Thomas Jones' GRIP (Genealogical Institute of Pittsburgh) class last week titled, "Mastering the Art of Genealogical Documentation." Normally the classes are held at La Roche University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but due to Covid the past 2 institutes have been virtual. The classes started at 9:30AM east coast time which meant 6:30AM west coast time. It was tough getting up each morning to be at my computer by 6:30AM. The course was how to write citations and the logic behind the process. This is an area I have really struggled with and needed to take this course. The beginning of the week the classes kicked my butt. There were sections that I literally struggled with. The homework each night focused on the different parts of the citation we learned during the day. Getting through all of the examples was difficult by the time my brain turned to mush and was telling me I needed to sleep. I would at least get through three or four of the exercises. As much as