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Accomplishments for Week of 10-31-22 through 11-06-22

HALLOWEEN Monday was Halloween and our front yard looked terrific. Many people stopped by to talk to Barry or honk as they drove by. Most telling him what a great front yard we have for Halloween. We were expecting 500+ kids but I think it was only 350-400. The little ones are always the best. The most popular costume this year was a fireman or spiderman. Not many fairies or Disney princesses.  JAUNTS No jaunts this week.  CLASSES Tuesday I attended the second week of my AppGen class, Overwhelmed by Ancestry DNA classes. I hosted a CGS education class titled Voting Records with Pam Vestal.  Worked on AppGen homework all week between packing away Halloween directions.  Friday evening attended an Ancestral Souls session with Jennifer Holik and a few other individuals. I think we laughed more than anything else. It felt good.  VOLUNTEER  WORK This was the week I volunteered at the FHL on Wednesday evenings. I was expecting a patron to come in that needed help with a civil war ancestor but

Ghosts, Spirits, and an Ouija Board

Ouija Board  My younger cousin Danny frequently reminds me of the time we were in our backyard in San Jose, California playing with my Ouija Board. There were four of us, Danny, David (brothers), me, and my siblings Teresa and Billy. We were sitting on the ground of our concrete patio being very serious and trying to conjure up ghosts and spirits.  Danny always insists I was trying to raise our swing set using the Ouija Board. He would imitate me talking to the Ouija Board and laughing at me. He loves to tell this story and how I failed to raise our swing set. At one point my father sneaks around and jumps at us and scared us to death. We all must of jumped 3 feet in the air and screamed! To this day he makes fun of me for believing in ghosts and spirits and I remind him of how high he jumped when my dad scared us.  Written for Amy Johnson Crow's 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Blog posted on under Generations Cafe.  Copyright © 2022 by Jacqueline Threet Henderson, Jacqu