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September 03, 2022, Saturday, Boston, Massachusetts flight to Halifax, Nova Scotia

Boston, Massachusetts flight to Halifax, Nova Scotia JTH Steps 9,517 Up real early, 4:45 am to get to Logan Airport. We were not sure how passing through immigration would be but it went smoothly. Found out passports are no longer bummer. A slight mix up with renting the car, it was in downtown Halifax at the Westin Hotel, thirty minutes in the opposite direction we needed to be going. A $120 Uber ride later we had our car and were off. Oh well, another adventure. Next stop Point du Chêne, New Brunswick after a stop at Tim Horton's for lunch. We were so hungry and this was the first place we saw. I do have to say there cookies were great but not as great as my friend Renee's. Let's just say I will take McDonald's over Tim Horton.  Good bye Boston, hope to see you again Hello Nova Scotia The drive from Nova Scotia to Point du Chêne, New Brunswick was about three and a half hours. Most of the drive was on the Trans-Canada highway NB-104. Not much to see bu

September 02, 2022, Boston, Massachusetts, Charlestown Navy Yard and USS Constitution

Charlestown Navy Yard and USS Constitution JTH Steps 11,339 Friday 09-02-22 Boston to Charlestown Navy Yard & USS Constitution We slept in this morning and needed it. Barry was able to check me in for our flight to Halifax tomorrow but was not able to check himself in. The airline system would not accept his Resident Alien Card number. It kept saying he was missing a number. He’s had issues before because his number is so old. He called the airline, and they tried but no luck. Hopefully he can get checked in tomorrow at the airport. I ordered room service for us while he was on the phone.  Barry enjoying the view Museum view as we walked from the ferry We took the Charlestown Ferry to the Charlestown Navy Yard to see the USS Constitution Museum and the USS Constitution Naval ship. How many Charlestowns is that? This ferry cost us each under $4.00 for a roundtrip. YEA!!! The trip was only about ten minutes. The weather today was cooler but still very nice. The humidity was down so t