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Week 16 – Theme "Negatives" – 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks – Conversation with My Aunt Ruby (Archer) Threet

My 95-year-old Aunt Ruby is in a rehab center after breaking her hip in the past few months. She then broke her femur not long after that. She also developed a hematoma after a nurse accidently knocked her side against a wheelchair. On Friday, 22 April 2022 I saw a photo my cousin Lisa (Aunt Ruby’s youngest daughter) posted on Facebook. She was visiting Aunt Ruby in a rehab center. I saw the photo a few minutes after Lisa posted it and immediately texted her. I wanted to see if we could facetime so I could say hello to Aunt Ruby and ask a few questions about the photo.  The weird thing about this is I was struggling with what to write about this week. The theme, Negatives, was giving me a tough time. I couldn’t come up with anything I wanted to share. This conversation ended up solving my problem. In the genealogy world we call this serendipity. The following reflects the conversation I had with Aunt Ruby. She was in great spirits and instead of dwelling on the negatives that happened

03-21-22 Cloverdale/Healdsburg to Home

03-21-22 Monday  Cloverdale/Healdsburg KOA to Castro Valley, California Jeeps in Parking Lot: 2 Drive Time: 2.25 Miles: 111.1  Arrived: ~ 2:00 pm Last travel day for our Oregon trip. Of course, the weather on our last day would be beautiful. We didn’t have much to get ready and we were on our way around 11:00 am. We headed up the hill toward the office to use the air compressor for that darn tire. Barry thinks it’s the tire pressure sensor he installed. He installed one on all the tires. He will check when we get home.  Ride was fine down 101 through Santa Rosa. We didn’t hit that much traffic going across the Richmond/San Rafael Bridge, but we did hit rough road all the way home. We say this every time we get into the Bay Area back from a trip, the roads are horrible. Potholes, patches, ridges, uneven pavement, and whatever else. Just don’t know why our roads can’t be fixed.  Made it home and the unpacking process began. Checked all my indoor plants and everyone seemed fine. My orchid

03-20-22 Sunday Cloverdale/Healdsburg Francis Ford Coppola Winery

03-20-22 Sunday  Cloverdale/Healdsburg KOA, Cloverdale, California Jeeps in Parking Lot: 2 Drive Time: 0 Miles: 0 Arrived: 0 This morning was cold and breezy in the mid 40’s. Both up and showered. Breakfast and planning our day. We decided to start our day at Francis Ford Coppola’s Winery and see what direction we ended up after that. We didn’t make reservations and since there were only two of us, we decided to take our chances.  We were able to get into the restaurant and thank goodness because I was STARVING and about to get hangry! Lil’ Debbie’s and tea for breakfast was not cutting it. George was our waiter and he never wrote anything down. Wine was fabulous and he brought us a small bag that contained two bread donuts, deep fried and sprinkled with salt. We did our best not to order more, so yummy.  I ordered the ½ chicken brick baked with veggies and Barry ordered meatballs + penne in tomato sauce. Both meals were excellent and of course the wine was excellent. I couldn’t eat al

03-19-22 Saturday Benbow to Cloverdale/Healdsburg KOA

03-19-22 Saturday  Cloverdale/Healdsburg KOA, Cloverdale, California Jeeps in Parking Lot: 2 Drive Time: 2.5 hours Miles: 122.2 miles Arrived: 3:30 pm                                  Raining this morning so getting ready to leave was a bit messy for Barry...poor guy. Fred and Helaine came over and we exchanged contact information. They also wanted to see our RV and check out the ceiling lights we replaced. They are thinking of doing the same thing.  Barry was still concerned about the front left tire but said he would just keep an eye on it. He thinks the tire sensor may be failing.  We stopped in a little town past Willets called Hopland for gas. He was able to get into the station but getting out may be another story. If you are not aware, when towing a vehicle we can’t back up.  This station you have to enter on an upward slope and turning right onto the road is going to be challenging. As it turns out Barry couldn’t turn right, so I get out with my walkie talkie and guided him pas

03-18-22 Garberville/Benbow California (Day in Camp)

03-18-22 Friday  Benbow /Garberville KOA, Garberville, California Jeeps in Parking Lot: 4 Drive Time: 0 Miles: 0 Arrived: 0 I had a call at 8:30 am so we were up at 7:30 am. The meeting was with the directors of the Oakland Family Search Library. Just an informational meeting and the things they have planned for the library. They have been here since November 2021.  As mentioned in yesterday’s blog the site is nice. We decided to stay in camp today and just enjoy the day. Bacon, eggs, hash browns and biscuits for scrumptious. I spent the day cleaning up my laptop. Cell phone signal was iffy so I couldn’t use my hotspot to update my blog. Barry did chores, cleaning the BBQ, adding water to the coach, clean under storage bins and I’m sure a few other things.  During the day Barry met a former Harlem Globetrotter player who’s retired and a retired firefighter who had a 7’ tall smoker he welded. He smoked bacon, a pork roast, and a tri-tip and you could smell it all over th