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August 29, 2022 Monday, Oakland, California to Boston, Massachusetts

Oakland International Airport to  Boston Logan Airport JTH Steps 5,478 We left this morning for an entire day of flying to Boston. Our flight left on time at 9:40 AM. We had 2 stops, Santa Barbara, California and Denver, Colorado, and not changing plans. All stops were on time and leaving each airport was on time. We arrived in Boston around 9:45 PM, bathroom stop and onto the baggage claim area. We went to the taxi area and climbed into a non-yellow taxi. Onto the Intercontinental Hotel. Checked in and the hotel restaurants were closed. One of the hosts that checked us in recommended we do Uber Eats. We ordered a chicken quesadilla and fries. It's funny we had to come all the way to Boston to order our first Uber Eats meal. But luck was on our side and we were able to use a $20 off coupon for our first Uber Eats order. Food arrived around midnight and the quesadilla was great but the the fries were soggy....oh well. We hit the hay about 20 minutes later. We have a walking tour tom

June 2022 Westport Beach Trip (a few months late posting this trip)

06-13-22 Monday Westport Beach, CA Campsite #175 Jeeps in Parking Lot: 1 Drive Time: 4.5 hours Miles: 207 Arrived: 5:30 pm Barry Steps: 11,100 Jacqueline Steps: 10,227 We are spending the week in a Tsunami Zone. Back at Westport Beach for the week. We were here October of 2021. If you remember it rained the whole time. This week looks like we will have nice weather, mid 60’s and low 50’s at night. It was windy the whole drive here. It’s crazy windy now at the campground. Our site is closest to the beach. I booked this when we were here last year and was able to get it. Awesome site and we can see the beach from our coach or just sitting outside.  Barry got us all hooked up, I did all the indoor stuff and TRIED to lite the pilot light in the oven. It was being stubborn!! The minute Barry walked in I was able to light it. I don’t think it likes me but whatever! Lasagna for dinner tonight.  We plan on a fire tonight for s’mores, which means Barry had to drive to the store for firewood. Th

Week 32 – Theme “At the Library” – 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks

This week I’m combining a research trip and the “At the Library” theme into one blog post.  Research Trip to Turlock, California I have been planning a research trip to Turlock with my friend Lisa for a few years. We found out right before Covid we both have family that lived in the Turlock area at different times. We decided then to plan a trip together.  We used Trello for planning and this way we could share Trello. We could see where and what each was planning. This enabled us to plan our trip in a logical manner and “kill two birds with one stone.” Below is a snapshot of our Trello board for our research in Turlock.  California State University Stanislaus We left on Wednesday and our first stop was the Archives and Special Collections at California State University Stanislaus. We both had contacted archivist Mary Weppler with a wish list of items we would like to view. Lisa's list was longer than mine. I mainly wanted to see any information about my dad’s construction company