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03-17-22 Crescent City to Garberville/Benbow California (Travel Day)

03-17-22 Thursday  Benbow KOA, Garberville, California Jeeps in Parking Lot: 3 Drive Time: 3+ hours Miles: 122.2 miles Arrived: 4:00 pm 03-17-22 HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!! We pulled out of the KOA at 11:05 am and headed south on 101. About seven or eight miles out of Crescent City we hit numerous construction sites and one lane traffic controls. The highway runs along the mountain side and has beautiful views. You can see by this map how close the road is to the coastline.  We took the Newton B. Drury Scenic Parkway off 101. The drive was a scenic route and much prettier than the highway. Dabbles of light coming through the trees made the ferns and ends of the redwoods look silver. An incredible effect throughout the drive.  We stopped at the Prairie Creek Visitor Center so I could get another stamp. There was a ranger that answered a lot of our questions. He seemed very knowledgeable. I spoke to him at length about the Marbled Murrelet. He informed me that they are on the edge of e

03-16-22 Crescent City, California (Day Trip - Grove of the Titans)

03-16-22 Wednesday  Crescent City, California Crescent City Jeeps in Parking Lot: 2 Drive Time: 0 Miles: 0 Arrived: 0 Woke up to a beautiful morning. Simple breakfast of cereal and a banana. Cleaned up a bit and ready to explore the Redwoods. We stopped by the KOA office to let them know our cable signal was very snowy and the cable line had water in it. Also asked about the channels. The channels listed on the paper with the map of the park is wrong. The woman behind the counter says they change cable providers often so it’s never right....uuummmm. No comment from me. We bought a couple of nice lightweight jackets and off to the National Park Visitor Center in Crescent City.  Zoom in for details At the visitor center I got my passport stamp and purchased a few stickers for my passport book. The Ranger behind the counter pulled out a map and showed us how to get to Howland Road and some ideas for hikes in the area. One he told us about was a hike to the ‘Grove of Titans.’ This hike has

03-15-22 Oregon Dunes, Oregon to Crescent City, California

03-15-22 Tuesday Crescent City, California                     Crescent City Jeeps in Parking Lot: 0 Drive Time: 3 hours Miles: 136.8 Arrived: 3:23 pm Weather this morning was nice, no rain just cloudy. Seeing a bit of blue sky was a pleasant surprise from Mother Nature. I decided to make mushroom and cheese omelets for breakfast, yummy. Quick cleanup and get the RV ready to move out this morning. We needed to get air in one tire, but Barry’s tire inflator was not enough. This KOA has an area you can pull up to for air. This park caters to the OHV crowd, so it makes sense they have air available.  On the road again.... well for one and a half miles. I wanted to stop at the Myrtlewood Factory. All items are handmade, carved or milled. The cutting boards were a work of art. I ended up buying two ornaments, a bowl, a key rack for the RV and a cheese board. Back on the road for real.  The drive down the coast was absolutely beautiful. Some of Hwy 101 was a bit rugged and a few construction