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May 9, 2022 Weekly Recap

JAUNTS Reserved the Lake McSwain Pavilion on July 23rd for our family picnic. It's been 2 years due to Covid.  Hopefully we are able to this year.  Thursday Barry and I had eye appointments and I had a hair cut. In the afternoon I went to Renee's to see Gillan her new bull mastiff puppy. She is adorable and fiesty. I forgot how sharp puppy teeth are and the smell of puppy breath. She got me a few times with her teeth. Later we dropped off the jeep wrangler in Walnut Creek. The back right tire was making this awful noise.  Friday picked up the jeep. All good with it.  Saturday morning attended the CGS board meeting in person. I forgot to turn in my report but no one asked me about it. I'll turn it in April and May next month. We tested the hybrid setup for the meeting and it went well. After I went to visit Gillan again. I brought her a toy peacock and some soft treats. Renee feed me a burrito for lunch.  CLASSES I attended Acalanes Adult Education Writing class, a four week